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Data Center Solutions Data Center Solutions

Nitrotel Data Center Solutions

Solutions for Sustainable and Efficient Data Centers

DMAX Datacenter Server Cabinets are designed for providing Hot Aisle, Cold Aisle and its containment structure, has been used widely in enterprise datacenters.

Cooling Solutions
Hot Aisle, Cold Aisle, Cold Aisle Containment, Hot Aisle Containment, Perforated Doors, Open/Closed Loop Cooling Systems (In Row / Side Cooler).

Cable Management
Inner and overhead cable management

Power Distribution
Intelligent IP PDUs; Managed PDU, Monitored PDU, Basic PDU

Remote Monitoring & Management System
Remote Monitoring System, Temperature, Humidity, Airflow, Security, Water Leakage, AC/DC voltage, mAmp Converter, Smoke Detector, Motion Detector, Vibration Detector, Sensor Controlled Relay

KVM & Consoles
Analog KVMs, LCD consoles with /without KVMs

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